Arbolesanos S.A. was founded in Argentina with the objective of introducing ¨the injections for trees” in the international market, to do so we established strategic business contacts with international companies, which are leaders in development of products and technology.

Since then, and after years of research with the assistance of Universities and Research Institutions from the Public and Private Sectors, we have been able to develop different treatments that are carried out through injections given to the trunk of the trees to fight against plagues, diseases and correct the lack of nutrients, with a preventive or healing character.

The injection presented as a systemic solution of “low pressure” is a method to place phytosanitary and nutritive products directly in the tree vascular system.

This injection system produced and marketed by ARBOLESANOS S.A. is the only product that can offer the above mentioned advantages. It has been successfully used in several sectors, as the Forest, the Ornamental or in intensive farming.



We direct our efforts to fulfill our slogan of giving injectable systemic solutions to our customers.


We research and develop treatments that use low pressure injections to the trunk of the tree. These treatments are adapted to the characteristics of the country where they are used.


We assist and train our customers, our distributors and finally the people who applied the injections, and in this way with good communication and teamwork - as our main tools - we reach the best results.