1. Bore a hole in the trunk or branch with the help of a drill with a metal bit of 5.5 mm. The drilling must have a depth of 5 or 6 cm.

In all the cases the hole must be deeper than the length of the injector. It is convenient to choose an area of healthy and active wood for the drilling, in the low part of the trunk or branch, at about 40 cm of the ground level.

2. Adjust the injector carefully in the hole. Do it with your fingers and then give it a light blow with a hammer. The conic head of the injector must be separated from the bark to allow a better adjustment of the elastic tube.

3. Cut the extreme of the injector that is not dilated to remove the metal shutter, pressing with the fingers below it to prevent loss of the liquid.
4. Connect the injection to the head of the injector and let it hang loose until the product is absorbed by the tree.
5. Let the tree complete the absorption of the chemicals. When the process has finished take out the injector and the elastic tube after the liquid has been absorbed, to allow the healing of the hole.