Olive tree

Verticilosis of the olive control. Depending on the conditions of the cultivation the incidence of the disease appears from the end of winter to the beginning of Summer, and it is specially aggressive in Spring. Sometimes symptoms appear in Autumn. It is important to perform the treatment by injection before the first symptoms of disease (preventive treatment) or as soon as they appear (curative treatment) and this last treatment can be used until as much as 50% of the tree is dry. It is advisable to carry out the preventive treatment at the end of winter before the first symptoms appear. In case of infected plants (curative treatments) use the injections in the affected olive trees and in those near them (protection ring). The product has a residual action in the plant for 4 or 5 months. If it is necessary, repeat the treatment in Autumn to cover completely the period of activity of the fungi.

Elm tree

For treatments against grafiosis we can use the product from the beginning of Spring to the beginning of Summer (June) , when the tree is completely covered with leaves, but keeping in mind that if more than 20% of the tree (COPA) is affected the recuperation is difficult. Preventive treatments obtain better results.

Cypress family tree

To control the dryness, “burnt or brownish”, disease caused by the fungus Seridium Cardinale the treatment should be carried out in spring, then again six month later in case of severe conditions.


Olive tree

It controls the radical rottenness produced by the fungus Phytophtora. As soon as the first symptoms are detected only one treatment can be enough to recover the plant. When the tree has been severely affected, or if the recuperation period must be shortened, the treatment can be repeated at six or twelve months after the first application.

Fruit trees

In this case the treatment can be applied before the leaves come out until they sprout in Spring or at the end of Summer.



To control the “dryness” produced by the Phytophtora fungus, the treatment should be carried out in Spring or Autumn. When the trees are severely affected it is convenient to repeat the treatment at six or twelve months of the first cure.