How to use it


Procession control: The treatment can be performed from the beginning of February to the end of August at any of the larval stages of the insect. The treatment persists for at least two months.

Elms and Oak trees

Drillers: carry out the treatment in Spring or when the first larvae of the insects appear. Perform another treatment in summer especially in those areas where the temperature is warm.

Shade plane tree

Plane tree tiger: Carry out the treatment in spring when the first larval stages corresponding to the first generation appear.


Ornamental trees

Aphids and cochinillas: to obtain a quick and effective control, the treatment must be preventive (before the plague appears) In case the plague has already attacked the tree, the effectiveness of the treatment will depend on the absorption and the spreading of the product in the tree which was injected.

Palm trees

Picudo y Paysandissia: The generations may be produced along the whole year. The treatment should be performed as soon as the first signs of the activity of the insect appear.